Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Co-Founder/Creative Director (2011-2013)

Maker Faire’s are known as the “Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth”. They’re a family-friendly showcase of invention and creativity that gather tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. Makers come to show their creations. Attendees come to glimpse the future...and to learn to become makers themselves. The Maker Movement is a global phenomenon impacting the future of work, product development, education, learning, and more.

The Vancouver Mini Maker Faire ran between 2011-2017 and was hosted at the Great Northern Way Campus and the PNE Forum. The festival kickstarted new communities and initiatives locally, many of whom are continuing to exhibit publicly. The event attracted over 150 makers and up to 4000 attendees each year. While we miss the faire, the community is still thriving and going strong! If you’re interested in getting involved with the maker community in Vancouver, try visiting Maker Labs, Vancouver Community Lab, or Vancouver Hack Space.

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Attending the fair inspired my creativity and provided a different view of creativity, one that includes art, technology, and problem solving.
— Susan
Vancouver Mini Maker Faire gave me a platform to show off the work I’m doing and be more educational in my mindset.
— Michael Taylor
I was turning 16 when I came to the first Maker Faire, off Great Northern Way. After years of reading Craft, and Make Magazine, in the suburbs and waiting patiently for a VMMF, I was as excited as they come. It was truly one of the first times as a young woman that I felt I had found a community of people. There isn’t a year that’s gone by since where I haven’t put aside the time and come on down.
— Tess
My kids cried when they found out Maker Faire wasnt every weekend.
— Chad Leaman