This mentorship was led by Brady Marks, inventor of the 3D POV (Persistence of Vision), which consists of a rotating panel of LEDs that forms dynamic, interactive 3d images. 2 mentees worked with Brady and learned to program using this Persistence of Vision device. (Funded by BC Arts Council). Photos by Jonathan Dy.


In the summer of 2015, a crew of emerging and established artists created a laptop ensemble and expanded the existing Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra (VETO). A laptop ensemble involves a group of individuals using laptops to collaboratively create original music with unique gestures, controls, and programs including Max MSP or Ableton Live. Founded in 2011, VETO is a collective of experimental sound-makers that have made and performed with their own theremins at the Signal + Noise Festival, The Xenakis Festival for Vancouver New Music, for Interactive Futures: Animal Influence (, amongst other events.

Exhibitors Included: Wynne Palmer, Justin DeVries, Kiran Bhumber, and Norah Lorway, Emily Thacker, Wendy Chen, Alanna Ho, Daniel Hill, Paul Lucas, Elgin McLaren, Martin Reisle, Anchi Lin, Bella McKee, Chelsea Yuill, Holly Beckmyer, Wendy Chen, Theano Bavlidou, Elise Olson and Abraham Wong.


In 2016, Alex Beim (of Tangible Interaction) generously donated his HALO device for the use of a mentorship in partnership with Leó Stefánsson and Niel McLaren. Photos by Jonathan Dy.

What is HALO?

Originally supported by the BC Film + Media Interactive Fund, and created with Travis Kirton, Halo is a new, large-scale interactive media-art installation that made its first appearance at Eyeo 2013. The sculptural component is 16′ x 8′ and features a wall of 72 RGB LED ‘Halo’ rings.

Halo was conceived entirely with open collaboration in mind. It’s a physical opportunity for anyone to create content: light, colour, audio, animation.

Other Participants: Corine BondBryce DuyvewaardtRonald Ho, Harley Small, Sydney ThorneMelody WangShavonne YuMimi Xia


As Education Director at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Emily produced a youth mentorship series that ran from 2014-2016. The focus of the program was to introduce youth, ages 18-24 to artist-run centre culture. Senior artists and mentors were paired with emerging artists to facilitate a series of art shows and installations for youth to learn new skills like programming and curation.

Mentorships included coding for a 3D POV device at Science World, a laptop and theremin ensemble, a mentorship utilizing Tangible Interaction's HALO, as well as a Career Development mentorship. More information about these projects is listed below.

Mentorships funded by BC Arts Council and Telus Community Board.

: : SKIN : : 

Final Exhibition resulting from Career Development Mentorship.

Event description:

SKIN’ addresses abstract concepts, derived from the material form of the physical body as a point of departure. The exhibition explores concepts including body architecture, gender, body shame, the remediated body, body as machine, collective health and spatial interactions. The famous Protagorean statement, “man is the measure of all things . . .” (aside from relativism) is an inspiration for using the human structure as a referencing unit of infinite things.

Artists: Wynne Palmer, Crista Dahl,   Zandi Dandizette, Alanna Ho, Anchi Lin, Marchien Veen, Corie Waugh.