Young makers show + tell at the river market

Over the course of 10 months, Emily produced a series of making events with the River Market. The event series included hands-on activities, installations and performances for ages 6+. Featuring Publik Secrets, Martin Reisle, David Gowman, Sara Gold, and Nathan Sanches.


VIVO's Young Makers Club

VIVO Young Makers Club brought together youth, ages  13-18 in a supportive, collaborative environment to proactively investigate the mechanics, aesthetics and cultural meaning of technology within a contemporary art framework. Workshops and summer camps included: theremin building, soft circuits, a documentary filmmaking class, and creative electronics. Mentors and educators included Andrew Milne, Simon Lyons, Brady Marks, and Flick Harrison.


young makers

From 2014-2016, Emily curated and produced Young Makers programs in partnership with New Westminster River Market and as Education Director at VIVO Media Arts Centre